Ecole Polytechnique, Saturday 3rd of December 2016
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The event

Every year, the Ergometri’X challenge is organized by members of the “Binet Aviron” student association and members of the “Club Sportif de l’X”, Polytechnique’s sports society. Over the years, Ergometri’X has become a reknown indoor rowing competition and gathers enthusiasts from many places. Since 2012, it has been a major qualifying round for France’s indoor rowing university championship.

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2016 Edition

Ergometri’X will be held on the 3rd of December 2016 at the École polytechnique. This 10th edition includes individual races and team races (4 or 8 contestants per team), a 4x500m relay, a 8x250m junior relay and a disabled category. Students from local universities and Grandes Écoles are invited, as well as military staff, enthusiasts and students from foreign universities.

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Races will be displayed live on dedicated screens and commented. Several events (including – but not restricted to – DJ sets, cheerleading performances and a brass band concert) are organized by home students to make the day even more enjoyable. Photographs and cameramen will be present to make this 10th edition of Ergometri’X unforgettable.

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The event

Ergometri’X is an indoor rowing competition organized by members of the “Binet Aviron” student association with support from the Club Sportif de l’X.

Every year, Ergometri’X is a major opportunity to bring together students from French local universities and Grandes Écoles, military personnel, enthusiasts and foreign students. The individual and team racers will compete on Concept 2 indoor rowing machines equipped with slides. Races will be displayed live on a dedicated screen and commented. Multiple shows will be performed by home students throughout the day to make the event even more enjoyable, including: • DJ sets • Cheerleading performances • Concerts of the brass band • And many more !

Ergometri’X has become an official event thanks to the support of the French Rowing Federation. Since 2012, it has been an important qualifying round for the French Indoor Rowing Championships, which will be held on February the 3rd and 4th 2017 at the salle Charpy of the Charléty Stadium in Paris.

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The 10th edition of Ergometri’X will be held on December the 3rd, 2016 in École polytechnique’s “Grand hall”.

More than 200 contestants are expected, for the largest part students from Parisian universities and “Grandes Écoles”, as well as enthusiasts and military personnel. For the first time in the history of Ergometri’X, foreign students are expected !

Individual and team races (4 or 8 racers) as well as relays are on the agenda. Races dedicated to persons with disability will also be held.

In parallel, our sponsors will make an indoor rowing machine available to those willing to row for a charity : each kilometer rowed on the machine will yield 1€ !

Early registration costs 5€ per rower. You can either make a secured payment online or send a cheque payable to “Binet Aviron” to the following address : : Paul Chevalier, 11 boulevard des Maréchaux, Bâtiment Foch, Casert 10-10-08, 91120 Palaiseau, France.

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If you prefer to pay on the day of the competition, it will cost you 10€ in cash per rower.

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Ergometri’X is traditionally covered by the “Binet Photo” and the “JTX” student associations. Highlights will be made available shortly after the end of the competition.

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